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Getting squared away with governmental entities usually requires an in-person appearance, but one chore can be accomplished online instead of standing in line.

To register to vote, newcomers can download an application from the Secretary of State’s office at votenaturally.org/registration.html, fill out the form and mail it back.

A registered voter must be 18 years old, a U.S. citizen and have lived in Arkansas for 30 days before the first election they plan to vote in. Also, convicted felons and people who have been judged mentally incompetent aren’t allowed to vote in Arkansas.

Voter registration forms also are available at Arkansas Driver Services offices, public libraries, military recruiting offices, the Arkansas National Guard, public assistance agencies and disability agencies.

Voters also can check their registration status online at voterview.org.

If the application is mailed, the postmark is considered the application date.
Vehicle registration

To register a motor vehicle in Arkansas, new residents must first have their personal property assessed in the county assessor’s office.

“If they need to set up an account — if they’ve never assessed here before — they need to come in to the office,” said Manna Schlund, deputy Benton County assessor. To assess a vehicle, the new resident will need to bring the title or bill of sale.

Schlund said lines are usually short at the main assessor’s office in the county administration building at 215 E. Central Ave. in Bentonville, but that’s the only assessor’s office in Benton County that doesn’t also have a state revenue office. People often go to the other four offices so they can get their property assessed and register their car in the same location, Schlund said.

Washington County has three assessor’s offices:

• The Washington County Courthouse at 280 N. College Ave. in Fayetteville
• 3159 Springdale Ave. in Springdale
• 215 S. Main Ave. in Lincoln

Each of those offices also has a state revenue office.

In addition, there is a state revenue office at 965 S. Razorback Road in Fayetteville, but there is no assessor’s office at that location. Satellite revenue offices in West Fork and Decatur are open only on Wednesdays.
Locations of offices in other counties and telephone numbers are available online at dfa.arkansas.gov/Pages/stateMap.aspx.

To register a vehicle, proof of having Arkansas insurance also is required because many states require less coverage than Arkansas.

Driver’s license
New residents can get an Arkansas driver’s license at any state revenue office.
One method is to turn over a valid license from another state in exchange for an Arkansas license, according to the state’s website at dfa.arkansas.gov/offices/driverServices.

If the out-of-state license is expired for more than 31 days, written and vision examinations are required. If the out-of-state license is expired more than a year, applicants are required to take the written, vision and road tests.

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