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  • Away for the day: Northwest Arkansas is surrounded by interesting places that are easily within range for a day trip

    Northwest Arkansas has much to offer newcomers and residents, but sometimes it’s nice to take a day trip. Top vacation and entertainment destinations are available within a few hours’ drive…. Continue reading

  • Neighbors to The North

    Neighbors to The North

    The thousands upon thousands of people who come to McDonald County, Mo., each summer are well aware of what a not-so-hidden treasure the area’s streams are.

    Canoeing, rafting, kayaking and fishing are enjoyed from one end of the county to the other. Big Sugar and Little Sugar creeks join in Pineville to form the Elk River. Indian Creek flows into the river between Lanagan and Noel, making that section of the river the most popular.

    But campgrounds and outfitters can be found from the Powell area in eastern McDonald County to near the Missouri-Oklahoma line, where the Elk spills into Grand Lake.

    The rivers offer spectacular views of bluff-topped forests of natural beauty. But there are many other things for visitors to take in.

  • Northwest Arkansas unmistakably special

    Those relocating to Northwest Arkansas, or just visiting, can hardly miss the signs that it is a special place. From the still-robust economy to the first-class neighborhoods, splendid restaurants and… Continue reading





  • Outpacing the country

    Recent economic struggles of the past few years have been felt on a much lesser scale in Northwest Arkansas than many other places across the nation. Unemployment has stayed well… Continue reading

  • Bouncing Back

    Bouncing Back

    These certainly aren’t the boom times of a decade ago, but Northwest Arkansas is a pretty good place to be as the nation struggles to recover from the ongoing recession…. Continue reading

  • On the Rebound?

    On the Rebound?

    One of the most trusted economic indica- tors is signaling that the ongoing recession is waning — at least in Northwest Arkansas. As of April, unemployment in a four-county area… Continue reading


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  • High-tech worship isn’t for everyone

    Even as more churches offer contemporary services heavy on multimedia elements, many remain committed to the traditional worship experience. At Highland Christian Church in Bella Vista, the Sunday morning service… Continue reading

  • God and gigabytes

    From the first printed Bible to Facebook, churches have spent centuries grappling with technology and finding the balance between not enough and too much in worship and outreach. “The church… Continue reading




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